Posted by: psmiley | February 10, 2010

Good Morning!

We want you to know that your snowy weather has been the main news down here in the “low country”.  Everyone feels for you, we do, too! However, the eastern coast up and down has seen record cold. “Chilly” was the label on  this morning’s weather map of Florida.  Here in Charleston, NC, it’s freezing with gusty winds. Time to move on.

I have been struck by the sense of history I feel being here. From Fort Sumter, where the Confederacy first attacked the fort, to a sign along the road that most of the Civil War battles were fought in South Carolina.

Today we are going to St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States.

History is being made every day!

The only blessing I can think of about the storm is you have more time to read my writings. Thank you! I appreciate your interest!

Posted by: psmiley | February 10, 2010

What do you know about bobcats?


Hi, all! We are heading to the Faver-Dykes State Park, 15 miles south of St. Augustine, FL. Bob heard on the news that bobcats a problem right now in Florida. Our state park is known to have some.  My brother, Hoop, emailed us about a recent shark attack. Now we have to look out for the bobcats. You can learn more about them here. We will keep you posted of any sightings and, hopefully, we’ll be able to get you pictures.

Posted by: psmiley | February 8, 2010

Good Morning!

Many times we go to sleep early and wake up early. This was one of those times! We are just about ready to pull out from RVacation Camp Ground and head towards Charleston, NC where we will be staying at the James Island County Park. For those of you who love the Andy Griffith Show (like me), Mayberry is nearby. For those of you who love trains, we heard them all night long.

Train near Selma, NC

We are told those that hang around the trains can be a problem. Sad to say it has been in the news that the I-95 corridor through North Carolina has funneled many drugs up North into our area.

For our short stay, this was a very nice place and we would definitely return again.

Happy travels to you today!

Posted by: psmiley | February 7, 2010

We Found a Sun That’s Warm!

RVacation CG, Selma, NC

Hi, everybody! I have an iMAC and a PC. the iMAC is a 24″ display and it is no mean feat to carry that around in the RV and set it up when we stop. I am trying an iWeb (MAC) website but have decided to use a WordPress blog, too. to see which is more effective or better for our purposes. I am looking for the easiest way to keep in touch with those who want to keep in touch with us. So, here it goes! We have reached Selma, NC, which is about 500 miles south of Philadelphia! The campground has great Wifi – we are thrilled.

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