Posted by: psmiley | February 26, 2010

We Left Florida as We Had Arrived!

Upfront Peacemaker

This is me in front of the Peacemaker in Savannah’s harbor.

I am struck by the fact that when we arrived in Florida, we had traveled on a very windy day and it was cold but sunny. Today as we started our trip home it was again windy, sunny but cold! Unusually cold – we are going to have frost warnings again tonight!

We left Tomoka State Park near Daytona Beach, FL, at 7 AM and we arrived in Savannah, GA at 12 Noon! We had planned to have lunch at Paula Deen’s

Me At Lady and Sons

Lady and Sons restaurant. Usually I think of everything but I never thought we would have needed a reservation. We were  told  the next available table was 2:15 PM and since we still had to travel to our Skidaway Island Park campground for the night, we didn’t stay. We went to the Outback instead! We thought we had parked in a safe place but the city of Savannah did not so they gave us a $35 souvenir. We had even paid for the parking at one of those new stations they have. I paid the ticket – it’s ready to mail but I will write a nice letter. How do you know where you can and can’t park? It’s not obvious.

Then we walked along the RiverWalk which was quite enjoyable but cold! At least it was sunny. (I know

Steps leading down to RiverWalk

it’s snowing up in Philly and ‘burbs at this very minute.) Since we’re coming home, you’re missing the worst of the storm according to the forecasters. Your luck is changing already. The river is lower than the city so you have to walk down these cobblestone steps. It’s really neat! I wish Philly could get their act together for our riverfront.

I keep telling Bob I want to turn around and go back where it’s a little warmer but I haven’t been able to convince him yet. But I still have time!!

Tomorrow we are going to Charleston, SC. You can be sure we’ll find out where we can ” legally” park. Then, it’s on to Pirateland Campground on the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC, until Wednesday.

I wish you safe travels! We’ll be seeing you soon!


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