Posted by: psmiley | February 21, 2010

East Coast Celebrates Beautiful Weekend Weather!

I think we are all celebrating the beautiful weekend it has been – weather wise. Sister Rita in Virginia Beach told us it was almost 50, I know in Philly and NJ it go warm enough to start melting those piles of snow and here, near Tampa, FL, it did reach 70 Saturday and Sunday. It still gets cool at night but that’s good sleeping weather.

We had breakfast with a nice couple from Massachusetts who celebrated the fact that Boston missed a lot of snow even though it had been predicted for them.  T’hey were heading out to see the area beaches.

Bob headed out to find an alligator but no luck! We think they are still warming up! We may look again this afternoon. I have been enjoying the free internet – updating a wiki Rita and I do for the 7th grade and writing to you. We plan to do a blog for Rita’s trip to the Holy Land. Please say a prayer for her friend, Sister Geraldine.  She is still recuperating at Camilla after shoulder surgery and having some additional problems. She is scheduled to go, too!!! (I might be a stand in – I did bring my passport!!!) No, this is her 50th Jubilee trip and we want her to go and enjoy!

Speaking of trips, I know the Price family has their Wildwood vacations all locked up. You can see by their web cams that there is still snow on the boardwalk and beach. It has to be gone by August, right?????

I am going to tell you a secret. I have been at the cafe for the wireless internet since 8:30 AM and it is not after 2 PM. We have been

Wachi Weeki up ahead

good for business. We had breakfast. I later bought a coke and had a free refill. We did visit the hot tub for 20 minutes and that was very relaxing. So you see, I do have more of a life than you thought!!!

Take care! I hope you “Wachi” your “Weeki” go most excellently!


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