Posted by: psmiley | February 20, 2010

A Beautiful Cloudy Morning!

Hello, everybody! Most of you are enjoying a day off yourselves since it is Saturday! The weather forecast is hard to do around here (we are still at Lake Como) because last night the forecaster said, “There are showers but they won’t reach the ground.” Well, you know, I woke up at night hearing the showers and now we have a chance of them throughout the weekend. But that’s only a chance.

Today’s temperature should reach 70. Yesterday, we enjoyed the pool and hot tub and it was only 57 degrees.

We did two loads of wash and there is another nice laundromat here. We spot cleaned some of our rug and now we came to the Bare Buns cafe to use the free internet. I really like the Bare Buns cafe for the alliteration.

White Ibis bird at Lake Como

We are sitting outside on the enclosed deck and will probably have some lunch in a little while.

Joining us is the white ibis bird and you can find our more about our friend here. After a swim, we plan to take a walk through a nature trail that is down the road from the SunnyDaze.

I’ve been wanting to tell you the legend of the Spanish Moss. This is as good a time as any.

“Legend of the Spanish Moss

Part of Louisiana’s spice is the folklore of our culture. One legend describes how Spanish Moss became so common in our region. According to the legend, an Indian brave and princess lived on the banks of the bayou. When the princess died, she was buried at the base of a live oak tree. The grieving brave hung her long black braids on the tree limb to mark her grave. With time, the braids turned grey and the wind carried the strands from tree to tree. All the trees weep to this day – all the way to the Gulf.”

I found this story on this website and you may want to find out more. It’s a great story.

On Monday, we will be leaving for the Kennedy Space Center and then, after a tour, on to Tomoko SP in Ormond Beach, FL (the site is down right now) until Thursday morning. The Kennedy Space Center was chosen as our “big” event in regards to spending money.

We’re retired, you know! The sun is trying to come out stronger. I hope it’s sunny where you are or at least your disposition is.



  1. Wonderful photos! We are using the live oak image as a reference for a mural to be installed in new exhibits at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. Come see it when it opens this summer!

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