Posted by: psmiley | February 19, 2010

We Have Reached the Nature Coast, the Sun Coast of Florida

Hello, everybody! We have not had internet or cell phone service since I last posted, hence you have not heard from us. We have arrived at Lake Como, a naturist community that also welcomes rvers, tenters and visitors. We had a tour given to us by Breeze and Kat in a six-seater golf cart. Very friendly and helpful, they showed us some nature trails, a large pool and a hot tub big enough for 18 people.

There is free wifi here at the Bare Buns cafe where Bob and I just enjoyed some honey barbecue chicken wings and I had a cup of homemade chicken rice soup. There is a lake for swimming with beware of alligator sign and overlooking the lake is the Butt Hutt bar. We may visit there before the weekend is over.

You won’t find many pictures from here because in naturist places, you don’t take pictures to protect people’s privacy. Most naturist places insist that you take your clothes off for swimming. Otherwise, what you wear is up to you.

The weather today is about 70 degrees but it is partly cloudy. They are still expecting it to cool down greatly overnight. But the next two days are really supposed to be quite nice which makes it a great time to be here. Bob and I already were in the pool and the hot tub before we came to the cafe.

Bob did not find water located conveniently on the site and Breeze tried to contact the office but it was going to voice mail. While giving us the tour, Kat had ordered him lunch at the cafe so we didn’t want  to keep him from lunch. So I called and was able to get through and they told me they would send somebody over. Up comes an older woman on a bike to help us. She was very friendly and knowledgeable and Bob said it would be easier to just move to the site next door. So she rode her bike up to the office to make sure it was okay. She returned promptly and said everything was fine. Bob hooked up and she made sure we were okay. She even later returned to make sure everything had gone alright. This place is co-operatively owned and operated. So everybody does their part to pitch in.

Well, we are refreshed. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel and, oh-oh,  I just remembered this was Friday and we shouldn’t have had chicken. We’ll do something extra for the Lord.

I also toured a Best Buy comparing it with ours up home. The same but I have high expectations for electronics.

Well, it’s time to  mosey home to Site #832. I will catch you up tomorrow. I have been writing all week but I forgot my flash where I saved my writings.

We continue to be enjoying our trip and hope you are enjoying our “tails”!


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