Posted by: psmiley | February 13, 2010

We’re Back on the Net

Hi, everybody! Since we left Charleston, SC on Wednesday, we were not able to get a signal with our Verizon mobile broadband. I was surprised, I know further down in Southern Florida the coverages looks not great but our AT&T worked fine. (I am partial to Verizon.) Well, we are here in Starke, FL at the Starke KOA until Monday morning. We’ve had 2 sunny days but “chilly” according to the news down here. While we did not have internet service, we didn’t have much TV access. We only had local PBS stations and did not see any news about the snow at home. We really felt a little out of touch but we did talk with some of you – that helped us to keep in touch. We enjoyed our stay at Faver-Dykes SP near St. Augustine, FL.

Jacksonville is expecting a dusting of snow and it closed schools today because drivers down here don’t know how to drive in that kind of weather. It’s all what you’re used to. Temperatures have been high 40’s, low 50’s with near freezing temps at night. This is very unusual for Florida. It doesn’t look like it will warm up much soon, either. But we are having a good time – missing all of you, of course.

We do have a beautiful country and we are enjoying seeing it.

South Carolina Low Country


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