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We’re Back in Virginia Beach!

Myrtle Beach, SC

We had 3 nice days at Pirateland Campground in Myrtle Beach, SC! Yesterday it rained and rained and the wind blew and blew. Some communities west of us had snow!

We were right on the beach and it was sweet! We sat on the beach everyday even though the wind was blowing – the sun did try to warm us up!

We passed through more snow on our way here! We will be here until Friday when we come home!!!! I want to tell Jimmy to turn the heat up for us!

I am moving our vacation website but it didn’t happen quickly. Having the time to spend on the internet was not really a fiscal reality. When we got here, we came to Rita in school, who told us their internet was down. They have recently switched providers and, as you can imagine, it’s not an easy task reconfiguring everything.

Thank you to all who followed us on our trip! I have new pictures and did write a few articles. I will try to be up and running again on Thursday!

I appreciate your patience and your loyalty!

Posted by: psmiley | February 26, 2010

We Left Florida as We Had Arrived!

Upfront Peacemaker

This is me in front of the Peacemaker in Savannah’s harbor.

I am struck by the fact that when we arrived in Florida, we had traveled on a very windy day and it was cold but sunny. Today as we started our trip home it was again windy, sunny but cold! Unusually cold – we are going to have frost warnings again tonight!

We left Tomoka State Park near Daytona Beach, FL, at 7 AM and we arrived in Savannah, GA at 12 Noon! We had planned to have lunch at Paula Deen’s

Me At Lady and Sons

Lady and Sons restaurant. Usually I think of everything but I never thought we would have needed a reservation. We were  told  the next available table was 2:15 PM and since we still had to travel to our Skidaway Island Park campground for the night, we didn’t stay. We went to the Outback instead! We thought we had parked in a safe place but the city of Savannah did not so they gave us a $35 souvenir. We had even paid for the parking at one of those new stations they have. I paid the ticket – it’s ready to mail but I will write a nice letter. How do you know where you can and can’t park? It’s not obvious.

Then we walked along the RiverWalk which was quite enjoyable but cold! At least it was sunny. (I know

Steps leading down to RiverWalk

it’s snowing up in Philly and ‘burbs at this very minute.) Since we’re coming home, you’re missing the worst of the storm according to the forecasters. Your luck is changing already. The river is lower than the city so you have to walk down these cobblestone steps. It’s really neat! I wish Philly could get their act together for our riverfront.

I keep telling Bob I want to turn around and go back where it’s a little warmer but I haven’t been able to convince him yet. But I still have time!!

Tomorrow we are going to Charleston, SC. You can be sure we’ll find out where we can ” legally” park. Then, it’s on to Pirateland Campground on the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC, until Wednesday.

I wish you safe travels! We’ll be seeing you soon!

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Sunny Day in Paradise!

Oh, I am here to tell you that the sky is definitely bluer in Florida. All their palm trees and white clouds just reinforce the idea that you are in paradise. We also happen to be in the  Bread of Ormond Beach, FL.

We “unplugged” the RV to come to the local Walmart. When you are dumping the tanks in the RV, Florida does not use the screw-in adapters for your hoses so you have to buy this “donut”  to squeeze into the pipe. Well, unfortunately, Bob left his for some lucky person when we were at the Manatees SP. So, we had to go buy a new one. Bob loves Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart – the RVers friend! We stocked up on hoses, clamps, bleach and groceries. Rita has me looking for a hoodie that is lightweight and she can take to Israel. I don’t mind doing a couple of errands since we have been stationary most days.

We found a post office – Melissa and Kevin Smiley’s birthdays are coming up! For a time, there has been no obvious mailboxes or post offices.

After Panera, we are going to Catherine’s (for Rita) and then we will find the camp store, boat launch and nature trail at Tomoka State Park where Native Americans once lived. The manatees seem to be everywhere in Florida. Some on our bus tour even saw one at the Kennedy Space Center in one of the tributaries from the ocean.


Back to the Kennedy Space Center. I had already tagged a lot of pictures for you. Please check them out. You can also visit my website for lots and lots of pictures of everwhere we’ve been. Have a great day!

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What a Day!

Bob at KSC

This is going to be a quick post just to tell you that we went to the Kennedy Space Center today. It was as much a tour of the wildlife sanctuary) that it was of NASA.

The shuttle, Endeavor, landed just after 10 PM last night and as we toured, we caught just a glimpse of it being taken in to NASA’s Assembly building. We did go on the most expensive tour ($59 a piece) and we got as close as possible to the launch pads as possible.

So here is picture or two to whet your appetite.I used a picture of Bob and one of his friends. Bob has been beating the bushes in the marshes trying to find an alligator. Who knew you only had to come to the Kennedy Space Center – we saw several!

This alligator is up to something!

We arrived at Tomoka State Park in Ormond Beach at dinnertime right before a thunderstorm. Much more tomorrow! Hope you had a great day, too!

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East Coast Celebrates Beautiful Weekend Weather!

I think we are all celebrating the beautiful weekend it has been – weather wise. Sister Rita in Virginia Beach told us it was almost 50, I know in Philly and NJ it go warm enough to start melting those piles of snow and here, near Tampa, FL, it did reach 70 Saturday and Sunday. It still gets cool at night but that’s good sleeping weather.

We had breakfast with a nice couple from Massachusetts who celebrated the fact that Boston missed a lot of snow even though it had been predicted for them.  T’hey were heading out to see the area beaches.

Bob headed out to find an alligator but no luck! We think they are still warming up! We may look again this afternoon. I have been enjoying the free internet – updating a wiki Rita and I do for the 7th grade and writing to you. We plan to do a blog for Rita’s trip to the Holy Land. Please say a prayer for her friend, Sister Geraldine.  She is still recuperating at Camilla after shoulder surgery and having some additional problems. She is scheduled to go, too!!! (I might be a stand in – I did bring my passport!!!) No, this is her 50th Jubilee trip and we want her to go and enjoy!

Speaking of trips, I know the Price family has their Wildwood vacations all locked up. You can see by their web cams that there is still snow on the boardwalk and beach. It has to be gone by August, right?????

I am going to tell you a secret. I have been at the cafe for the wireless internet since 8:30 AM and it is not after 2 PM. We have been

Wachi Weeki up ahead

good for business. We had breakfast. I later bought a coke and had a free refill. We did visit the hot tub for 20 minutes and that was very relaxing. So you see, I do have more of a life than you thought!!!

Take care! I hope you “Wachi” your “Weeki” go most excellently!

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A Beautiful Cloudy Morning!

Hello, everybody! Most of you are enjoying a day off yourselves since it is Saturday! The weather forecast is hard to do around here (we are still at Lake Como) because last night the forecaster said, “There are showers but they won’t reach the ground.” Well, you know, I woke up at night hearing the showers and now we have a chance of them throughout the weekend. But that’s only a chance.

Today’s temperature should reach 70. Yesterday, we enjoyed the pool and hot tub and it was only 57 degrees.

We did two loads of wash and there is another nice laundromat here. We spot cleaned some of our rug and now we came to the Bare Buns cafe to use the free internet. I really like the Bare Buns cafe for the alliteration.

White Ibis bird at Lake Como

We are sitting outside on the enclosed deck and will probably have some lunch in a little while.

Joining us is the white ibis bird and you can find our more about our friend here. After a swim, we plan to take a walk through a nature trail that is down the road from the SunnyDaze.

I’ve been wanting to tell you the legend of the Spanish Moss. This is as good a time as any.

“Legend of the Spanish Moss

Part of Louisiana’s spice is the folklore of our culture. One legend describes how Spanish Moss became so common in our region. According to the legend, an Indian brave and princess lived on the banks of the bayou. When the princess died, she was buried at the base of a live oak tree. The grieving brave hung her long black braids on the tree limb to mark her grave. With time, the braids turned grey and the wind carried the strands from tree to tree. All the trees weep to this day – all the way to the Gulf.”

I found this story on this website and you may want to find out more. It’s a great story.

On Monday, we will be leaving for the Kennedy Space Center and then, after a tour, on to Tomoko SP in Ormond Beach, FL (the site is down right now) until Thursday morning. The Kennedy Space Center was chosen as our “big” event in regards to spending money.

We’re retired, you know! The sun is trying to come out stronger. I hope it’s sunny where you are or at least your disposition is.

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We Have Reached the Nature Coast, the Sun Coast of Florida

Hello, everybody! We have not had internet or cell phone service since I last posted, hence you have not heard from us. We have arrived at Lake Como, a naturist community that also welcomes rvers, tenters and visitors. We had a tour given to us by Breeze and Kat in a six-seater golf cart. Very friendly and helpful, they showed us some nature trails, a large pool and a hot tub big enough for 18 people.

There is free wifi here at the Bare Buns cafe where Bob and I just enjoyed some honey barbecue chicken wings and I had a cup of homemade chicken rice soup. There is a lake for swimming with beware of alligator sign and overlooking the lake is the Butt Hutt bar. We may visit there before the weekend is over.

You won’t find many pictures from here because in naturist places, you don’t take pictures to protect people’s privacy. Most naturist places insist that you take your clothes off for swimming. Otherwise, what you wear is up to you.

The weather today is about 70 degrees but it is partly cloudy. They are still expecting it to cool down greatly overnight. But the next two days are really supposed to be quite nice which makes it a great time to be here. Bob and I already were in the pool and the hot tub before we came to the cafe.

Bob did not find water located conveniently on the site and Breeze tried to contact the office but it was going to voice mail. While giving us the tour, Kat had ordered him lunch at the cafe so we didn’t want  to keep him from lunch. So I called and was able to get through and they told me they would send somebody over. Up comes an older woman on a bike to help us. She was very friendly and knowledgeable and Bob said it would be easier to just move to the site next door. So she rode her bike up to the office to make sure it was okay. She returned promptly and said everything was fine. Bob hooked up and she made sure we were okay. She even later returned to make sure everything had gone alright. This place is co-operatively owned and operated. So everybody does their part to pitch in.

Well, we are refreshed. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel and, oh-oh,  I just remembered this was Friday and we shouldn’t have had chicken. We’ll do something extra for the Lord.

I also toured a Best Buy comparing it with ours up home. The same but I have high expectations for electronics.

Well, it’s time to  mosey home to Site #832. I will catch you up tomorrow. I have been writing all week but I forgot my flash where I saved my writings.

We continue to be enjoying our trip and hope you are enjoying our “tails”!

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I Have To Be More Creative!

I glanced at my recent posts and at least half were titled “Good Morning”! But that really is the kind of person I am  I am a morning person. But since I retired I am making up for all those nights I would go to be at 9 or 10 PM to get  up at 5 PM! Bob has always been a later night person and I was sad to say goodnight and leave him staying up by his lonesome! But no more – we birds of a feather are just flocking together!

I am taking advantage of the free internet here at the Starke KOA before leaving. We must get some propane. We have filled up twice so far since leaving Philly. Mostly we use the propane for heat!

Me and My Shorts

Speaking of being more creative, I am wearing shorts today for the first time on the trip!!!! I am sure by the time the rain comes this afternoon and it is bringing colder air with it, I will have to change later but for now, I am loving it!

I want to give a shout out to all my faithful readers! I know who you are and I really do appreciate it!

Well, I always have more to say but we have to get going! Check out time at the campground is 12 PM and it is 11:43 AM!

Take care! Happy travels to you wherever you are going!

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Good Morning!

Hi, how are you? We have a second sunny day but clouds are expected later. We will be leaving the Starke KOA soon headed to experience Sonny’s Barbecue which according to the guidebooks is the “best bbq south of the border”. We’ll let you know. We are going there for a belated Valentine’s Day lunch.

We are not traveling too far today. We are going about 70 miles to Manatee Springs State Park in Chiefland, FL. The endandgered manatees have even been affected by this colder weather in Florida. You can read more about this here.

We are hoping to see manatees as they come to the warm springs at the state park. We will be here at the state park until Friday when we go to Lake Como. Bob and I are naturists but with the cold we will have to protect ourselves from nature.

Well, Monday’s waiting, let’s go! Have a great day!

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We’re Back on the Net

Hi, everybody! Since we left Charleston, SC on Wednesday, we were not able to get a signal with our Verizon mobile broadband. I was surprised, I know further down in Southern Florida the coverages looks not great but our AT&T worked fine. (I am partial to Verizon.) Well, we are here in Starke, FL at the Starke KOA until Monday morning. We’ve had 2 sunny days but “chilly” according to the news down here. While we did not have internet service, we didn’t have much TV access. We only had local PBS stations and did not see any news about the snow at home. We really felt a little out of touch but we did talk with some of you – that helped us to keep in touch. We enjoyed our stay at Faver-Dykes SP near St. Augustine, FL.

Jacksonville is expecting a dusting of snow and it closed schools today because drivers down here don’t know how to drive in that kind of weather. It’s all what you’re used to. Temperatures have been high 40’s, low 50’s with near freezing temps at night. This is very unusual for Florida. It doesn’t look like it will warm up much soon, either. But we are having a good time – missing all of you, of course.

We do have a beautiful country and we are enjoying seeing it.

South Carolina Low Country

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